Modern and new, our distillery only opened its doors in 2020 in Glitiškės, in the Vilnius district!

The impressive historic Jeleński family manor building, which dates back to 1923, is where apples are turned into cider and wine, then distilled and aged in oak barrels and containers on site. Currently, the distillery café offers two types of apple distillate, globally known as APPLE BRANDY, APPLE JACK, or CALVADOS, for you to sample and purchase.

This kind of drink is beloved among many famous personalities, film characters, and literary heroes. Today, everyone can appreciate the taste and aroma of this legendary spirit. Its versatility means it can be consumed straight or used in cocktails.

In the comfort of the cosy distillery café, you can also hear all about the production process and our modern lab. You’ll also have an opportunity to see historic distillation equipment and visit the old pharmacy museum.

In-house drinks are served with crab apples, chestnuts preserved in honey, and black plums in wine!